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Why First National Property Management


First National Property Managers put you first

Australians love real estate and property investment is a proven path to financial security.

However, as a landlord, property investor, and asset owner, how do you best manage your property?


  • Do you look after it yourself and try to
  • Do you look after it yourself and try to…Save money on management fees?
  • Deal with your tenants’ calls, whether they are late at night or on weekends?
  • Invest your spare time arranging maintenance and solving problems?
  • Learn your state’s legislation, laws, landlord rights and responsibilities?
  • Work out what you can claim with your tax?
  • Keep your asset maintained and up to date?
  • Or, do you consider engaging a property management expert?
  • The wise choice is to engage a qualified and professionally trained Property Manager to save you time and money by managing your asset through all stages of the marketing, letting and ongoing management process.


Your First National Property Manager is so much more than a rent collector. He or she offers a comprehensive range of Property Management services and is equipped to deal with any challenges that may arise.


First National Property Management services include:


  • Consulting you to ascertain your objectives and requirements
  • Establishing the best possible rent return
  • All ingoing, outgoing and periodic tenancy condition reports, with internal and external photos
  • Marketing the property, which may include a signboard, window display, newspaper advertisement or internet advert
  • Showing prospective tenants through the property
  • Screening and assessing tenants who apply to rent
  • Completion of all relevant documents required by state legislation
  • Induction outlining expectations to tenants
  • Ongoing management of rental income
  • Management of maintenance and renovations, where applicable
  • Disbursement of accounts, whether to landlord, trades or creditors
  • Regular inspections, as permitted by state legislation
  • Receiving and disbursement of bond monies to relevant authorities
  • Collation of documents and representation at tribunal hearings, where necessary
  • Arranging of regular value appraisals and asset management reports to maximise your investment